Lady Frost is sprinkling the land with snow
Blowing cold winds against your skin
Leaving the land in complete white
Erasing any warmth there had ever been

Snow flakes fall like tears from her eyes
They boast their beauty in every detail
Everything is frozen, only the wind moves
And stillness, the sound of snow, prevails



We’re on the boat, sitting in silence. All that can be heard is the waves lashing against the boat as we speed past them. I look out at the water, a rich blue reflecting the pureness of the skies. I wonder what is below, what is underneath the picture perfect surface. The rays of sun touch my skin, I can feel the heat browning my already tanned body, it makes me feel warm all over. The salty smell is overwhelming but gives a sense of the beach. It reminds me of home.

By Virginia

I have nothing to write about. Any ideas?


Adios Amegos.

Anzac Day

They run head first
Into blind danger
Shooting blatantly
At the opposing stranger

They lie in the dirt
Counting their last breaths
Engulfed, slowly
Into the darkness of death

Since then has been shine
The rain has been poured
But those red blood stains
Will always be on the floor

Now they are gone
With the sunset
But we will always remember
Lest we forget

By Virginia Guthrie

The Principals Office.

I sat there in that chair. That well known chair. With its ugly cross hatch pattern, with its upholstery starting to tear, with its lumpy cushioning making it slightly more uncomfortable than it should be. The worn out chair I’d sat on so many times. I took in my surroundings. I could hear the faint noises on telephones and scratchings of pens. But all I could see was that great, big, wooden door. Intimidating to all, blocking what is going inside that horrible room. My eyes fixed on the old plaque on the door with rusty edges that slightly peeled at the sides. My reflection bounced off its shiny goldness and into my face, but my eyes were to focused on the faded, engraved writing that said “Principals Office” I put my face in my hands and took a deep breath. I’d really screwed up this time. I’d lost the trust. They gave me a final straw, and I ran off with it. It’s gone. I worked so hard to keep the trust there, so damn hard. But now it’s just slipped through my fingers like water would. The threatening door moaned in objection so I knew what was coming. They were coming. I saw 2 figures standing in the door way with solemn looks on their faces. The principal gestured me in but her eyes told a different story. They were not inviting, at all. But I still stood up, my heaving feet dragging me towards the dreaded office until I finally finished my slow journey through the doorway and the big door slammed behind me. Thats when I truly felt scared.

Big Brown Eyes

Her big brown eyes stare at the window. Pools of sorrow and doubt. Her blood red lips are curved downwards into a a frown while a tiny tear rolls down her cheek, leaving a wet trail where it has been. Her hair is thin and wispy, falling onto he bony shoulders, framing her beautiful face that looks even more white next to her deep black hair. She rests her delicate head on the window pane and slowly covers her sorrowful eyes, drifting off to a world where everything is good.

The Full Moon

The moon sits amongst the darkness
Sharing its connection bewtween the stars
Shedding white, shimmery light on the world
Looking upon what is ours

The moons face is full
Its bright features pull a smile
It puts light in the black
It makes the nights worthwhile

By Virginia

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