I have a tale to tell.

I have a tale to tell.

Okay so I was out in the surf, my legs dangling off my board into the crystal clear, warm water. Up ahead I could see a fairly big wave coming along. Being a wimp, I laid down on my board and turned myself around and started to paddle. As I turned around I noticed backwash coming up, I prayed I’d just miss it and continued to paddle. Well… I caught the wave…and flew up into the air, a fair way up may I add. Along with the white, foamy water spraid also into the air due to the collision of the two waves. I landed, shook my head, stood up, and rode the wave to shore. Amazed I was still on the board I got excited and fell off…thats okay though. Because I turned around, picked up my board and headed back out to sea.


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