I was doing my daily facebooking and I saw a status update from one of the many groups I had fanned. It had a link and it said ‘life before Google’. I clicked the link, curious to see what it was and it came up with a picture of this:


I chuckled to myself but it got me thinking, where would we be without Google? Don’t deny it, we all use it at least once a day whether for a research project or to find out something out of pure curiosity.

I know I use it all the time. Being a student, it is necessary for me and my learning. But thinking about it further I found it was necessary just to ease your curiosity on a topic.

If I ask my mum something and she doesn’t know the answer she says, ‘Google it’. My friend asks me a question and I can’t be bothered to answer it, my reply is ‘Google it’. My friends and I get talking on a topic and want to know more, you guessed it; Google it.

This may make you laugh but to research this I used GOOGLE! It’s everywhere! Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 it has rapidly grown so far that I am pretty sure that Google is a verb. The company’s mission is to “organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useable” and that it has done coming up with over 100,000 on every search.

Google is the most well known search bar and the home page of many people’s internet. There are others, such as Yahoo and Bing. Although they present competition they are far off from ever exceeding Google.

So to conclude, I put in ‘dinosaurs are’ into Yahoo, Google and Bing. Yahoo gave me “Dinosaurs are giant reptiles that once roamed the earth”, Bing said “Meet dinosaurs in real life,” and Google gave me “Dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory and the Government is plotting against us!”.

I think Google wins.

By Virginia Guthrie

Okay okay, I know I know, it isn’t exactly a short story or poem but its an article I wrote for Gifted Girls Got the Gab, a new website full of information that you might be interested in. Intrigued? I though so, check it out at


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