Red Riding Hood, Wolves perspective.

‘Twas quite a nice day. I laid down, soaking up the sun, next to that quaint little cottage where Granny lived. I was relaxing but I felt something brush me. I jumped and squealed like a little girl, ready to attack. There standing in front of me was Granny, laughing like a hyena and spitting out the words “April…fools….you….wimp!” I relaxed my stance a bit and laughed softly with her.
“Thanks a tonne Granny!” I said
Off in the distance I heard faint humming and the little light bulb above my head lit up.
“Hey,” I whispered even though no one was in hearing distance of us, “Lets play a trick on Red!”
Granny grinned evilly and dragged me inside. After being thrown into her room, Granny instructed me to change into her clothes and lay in her bed. I just finished when Red came walking through the door.
“Granny!” She said, then she got a look at me, “Oh my, what big eyes you have!”
Okay sheesh, I am a bit self concious about it and I don’t need you reminding me.
“What big EARS you have!” She exclaimed
Red! Lay off on the pay outs okay!?
“What big teeth you have!!” She almost screamed
I grinned a little wider, now that was a compliment.
“All the better to EAT YOU WITH!” I yelled
Red screamed at the top of her lungs and went pelting out the house. Granny came out of her hiding spot laughing like there was no tomorrow. She high fived me then screamed out the window “APRIL FOOLS RED!”

By Virginia


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