Poem written by the lady at the markets

Eager to find her way to please the world
She had a heart the size of the ocean
Friends loved to play on the beach of her kindness and understanding
She valued beauty and made her life a collection of beautiful things and moments
Treasures to share.

DISCLAIMER!!! I did not write this, in fact, a lady at the markets wrote it. She was very lovely and I thought it would be a nice thing to put up on here 🙂


Who is he?

He creeps into your house,
Without leaving a trace,
There are no noise or sounds,
As he sneaks around your place.

But don’t be afraid at all!
He poses no threat because,
He isn’t a slimy thief,
He is jolly Santa Claus!

Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good time with your family and friends 🙂

After the rain

After the rain
The sun will shine high
Everyone will be dancing
Into the night

Those will stumble
To take a sneak peak
Of the sun that has
Arose from its sleep

After the rain
Everyone will cheer
For the sky had finally
Become blue and clear

Can you smell the fresh air?
Could you just reach for the sky?
Don’t you just feel so free?
Now that the rain has become shy

After the rain
Everyone will sing
“The summer has come
With all it shall bring”

The Red River

The day was very bright
The sunniest it had ever been
Yet the river was very frightening
People wondered what was within

Instead of a clean blue
There was a murky red
It looked as if God had been shot
And into the river he bled.

Weeks and weeks passed by
But red the river remained
Some people searched for answers
But we never saw them again

what is happiness?

its shopping with my mates
having money in my hand
its the clear blue water
having my toes in the sand
its the feeling you get
when you jump real high
its the fascination i feel
when i look at the sky
its music to my ears
sleeping in on sunday
its being on a plane
before a big long holiday
its the flame on a candle
the photo in a frame
where the memory it holds
may never be the same
its the chat with my papa
and his interesting tales
its flicking through cd’s
and painting my nails
these are things
that create my glory
they’re all the happy things
in my life story


There was one movement
There was one kick
One the naked eye
Could not spy
For it was much too quick

The ball shot up high
Into the empty air
While it flies
Gravity ties and
People stop and stare

It barely grazes
The goalies hands
So now one move
Can also prove
How to make a whole stadium stand

By Virginia

I was inspired by the lyrics “It takes one of us, to move a million and a million goals become one”

My ears like the sound of music.

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